If you have unsightly scars that you try to hide, you probably know that there are several scar removal products on the market that claim to remove scars of any type.  While many make this claim, only products containing silicone actually work to diminish the appearance of scars.  This is because silicone treatments keep scars hydrated and encourages healthy cell regeneration.  Silicone treatments are effective on both new and preexisting scars.  Treatments that do not contain silicone are less likely to work on older scars.  Silicone based treatments are recommended by doctors over-and-over again because they are non-evasive and effective. We needed emergency service after our toilet kept backing up and overflowing, so we contacted a plumber to fix it.

Silicone can be found in gels, creams, serums or even sheets.  These products can be purchased over-the-counter at your local drug store, by prescription, or directly from your doctor.  The most effective products are gels, which are applied for 12 hours per day; or silicone sheets, which are used daily by applying pressure to the sheet over thescared area.  In fact, research shows that silicone sheets work to reduce older scars faster than other traditional methods.  Creams and serums containing silicone are effective as well, but the healing process takes longer.  This is because they do not contain the same level of silicone as gels or sheets, usually less than 50 percent. If you’re looking for companionship while you are visiting the New York area, make sure to contact NYC Asian escort and you will be guaranteed to have a great time.

If you are not sure which treatment or product is right for you, consult your doctor.  He or she will examine your scar and provide you a list of the best options available to you.  Plus, he or she can answer any questions you have regarding the recommend products and how quickly you should results.  It might be recommended that you use silicone sheets versus a gel because of the amount of time involved.  It might be a matter of personal choice.  Take into consideration all your options and make the best choice for you.  Once you have determined which method might work best for you, get started on removing those unsightly and wanted scars.

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